Textile Warrior

Textile Warrior - collage, paper, textiles and street art. Kathleen Morris is a non-violent protest artist located in Adelaide South Australia. 

#Seeds for Bees

My first seed drop was in August 2015 at tram stop 8 on the street where I live. When I, or one of my accomplices, perform a ‘seed drop’, we leave packets of bee-attracting flower seeds in public places for anyone to find and take home to plant in their garden. It’s a little bit of happy for them and quite a lot for the bees – you might know that bee numbers are declining significantly all over the world and one of the problems other than neo-nicotinoids is the loss of habitat. We just don’t plant enough flowers anymore and cottage gardens are a thing of the past. 

The packets are torn from the 1000 pages of a Dinosauria I found in a box of books waiting for me to create something for a repurposed book exhibition, stitched together and collaged with other recycled papers like envelopes, gift wrapping and paper bags.

Locally, the seeds are usually a mix of my own organically grown marigold, alyssum and sunflowers hand harvested from my garden and where quarantine restrictions exist, I send the empty packets and collaborate with other organic seed savers in these places.

Now, more than 2000 packets have been dropped by over 30 collaborators in 5 Australian states and 2 countries, used as bonboneires at 3 weddings and used as corporate gifts for not for profit organisations. Recently, even Drottningholm Palace (the private residence of the Swedish Royal Family) was seed bombed!

I’m always looking for more accomplices, organic seed savers, crafty folk to stitch, stamp and stuff as well as any potential social sponsors out there who would like to get on board.


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