Textile Warrior

Textile Warrior - collage, paper, textiles and street art. Kathleen Morris is a non-violent protest artist located in Adelaide South Australia. 

artist’s statement

I am a non-violent protest artist.

I feel deeply about issues affecting the future of my children, but the process of researching the subject and developing an admiration for those individuals and groups contributing positively to their future produces positive and hopeful statements rather than an interpretation of the often violent emotional responses I first experienced. There is a positivity, quiet absurdity and occasional levity to my images that barely even hints at the moral outrage that has inspired them.

My pieces encourage people to reconsider their preconceived ideas and think about their actions on a local and global scale, the consequences this has on nature, how our actions both good and bad connect us and how we can affect change, but this is not all overt despite the subjects being self-evident. This is the focus of my creativity and I intend to pursue non-violent protest further, on grander scales and in ways that welcome public viewing such as street art and craftivism.

The journey from concept to completion is largely personal, and my own knowledge and understanding of the subject, as well as my feelings and opinions about the issues surrounding it develop and mature before I’m ready to begin working on the piece. The piece is a visual representation of what I have found hopeful and inspirational about the subject, and the making of it is a creative exercise in matching it to the conclusions of my own personal journey.

My work history reflects the development of my personal value system. I formerly worked in corporate environments but have more recently sought out not-for-profits and charitable organisations. Now, I care full-time for two young children.

The latter half of my career exposed me to the vastly different lives people lead and the inequality in the world. The experience has fueled my admiration for my heroes; those who work to save the world in whatever way they can, and those who reach out to protect and fight for those closest to them or on the opposite side of the planet. This is the motivation for the most personally expressive of my works.

As a child I made clothes for my dolls, and as a teen for myself. In high school I drew and in my twenties began renovating and revisiting textiles. I studied interior design in my thirties and turned my hand to graphic design. I have more recently incorporated print and paper art into my work and now I desire to do everything!

The techniques and materials I use, as well as my creative experience, have their basis in craft. The supportive and inclusive nature of the crafting community appeals to the ideals I hold for my life in general and for society at large.  

Manually intensive methods have been a theme throughout my life and this process is vital to my connection to the work, whether it’s digging out tons of soil by hand to complete a renovation vision or working with tweezers and a model knife while creating micro-collage. I work with a range of media and often blend textiles, paint, print and paper while preferring to re-use materials and hand paint my own paper. I am inspired by nature, street art, activism, children’s book illustrators and the drawings of my own children.


City of Onkaparinga – Repurposed Book Art Exhibition (2015)

Goodwood Arthouse Gallery (2015)

Little Rundle Street Art Project (Adelaide Fringe Festival) – Fenceweaving installation (2016)

Burra Regional Gallery – Sense of Self Portrait Exhibition (2016)

SALA Festival - Exhibition with members of the Adelaide Collage Collective (2016)

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