Textile Warrior

Textile Warrior - collage, paper, textiles and street art. Kathleen Morris is a non-violent protest artist located in Adelaide South Australia. 

I’m mainly a paper and textile artist, but I'm not above using the odd bit of astroturf or a few plastic bags when installing some street art, and you’ll find that the techniques and materials I use in much of my work have their basis in craft. 

Much of my present work is hand cut and pasted collage, often incorporating mixed media and textiles and I’m also producing paper embroidery, paper illustration, and street art including fence installations and paste ups. I’m available for personal or commercial commissions, editorial illustration and I also love to get involved in community art projects, collaborations, workshops and public speaking. 

When I’m working on my own pieces, the journey from concept to completion is largely personal, and my own knowledge and understanding of the subject, as well as my feelings and opinions about the issues surrounding it develop and mature before I’m ready to begin working on the piece. The piece is a visual representation of what I have found hopeful and inspirational about the subject, and the making of it is a creative exercise in matching it to the conclusions of my own personal journey. Non-violent protest is an element of much of what I do and motivates my involvement in community projects, street art and craftivism.

Whether it’s working with tweezers, an exacto knife and a magnifying glass while I’m doing micro-collage or hand-weaving hundreds of plastic bags for a fence installation, I always seem to work with this level of detail. Maybe it’s a little bit of meditation or just the hands-on investment in what I’m doing but it’s important to me and I feel more connected to a piece when I do it this way.

You can find my weaving in the Flowers SALA fence art installation at Goodwood Primary School, hear my Heartfelt and Handmade talk for Etsy’s Heartsy event at Flinders Street Market, see my entrance sign at the Flinders Park Little Library, get involved with my craftivism project Seeds for Bees which recently saw Drottningholm Palace (the private residence of the Swedish Royal Family) seed bombed, attend the Adelaide Collage Collective’s SALA exhibition Reconstructed at Ginger’s Coffee Studio and I contributed the popular ‘selfie-wall’ of flowers Daisy Chains to the 2016 Fringe showcase Little Rundle Street Art Project.

Artist Statement

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